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In March 2011, the screens out the new film «Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother», by producer and screenwriter Greg Williams, which is famous for films such as «Tell-Tale». The script for the film was written by the famous Douglas Rayat the moment this is his first work

The main actors were Tom Hardy as Dan the famous film is Mad Max: Fury Road, and Ben Macleod as Keith this is the first actor movie

Unfortunately we do not yet have a detailed description of the plot of Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother. Keep checking InRelax for updates!

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7:00 LMFAO
Marifa Nelson:
i can't stop watching this 'only little' film, it's just damn funny. I can relate, my older brother made my life miserable and happy at times, so i can relate. What so funny was, he's 10 years older and the sibling rivalry was ridiculous and crazy because i am a girl. He taught me how to fight and made me cry and did stupid things that i got punished for. The scene at the table made remember him snatch meat off my plate and stuffing in his mouth and our mother getting upset and hitting him either utensils or her hands.
Erica PM:
minute 2:21 why would u do that?! please be a prosthetic
James McConnie:
I wouldnt care doing a scene like this but I would have at least fluffed myself...Tom Hardy gives no fucks! he is just like "fuck it film it soft" rofl
true men look you straight in the eye with their soft penis showing
Both great performances!!
Come for the curiosity, stay for the genius. That phone call with the shifting voicework is pure magic.
Nigel Sheppard:
I love this film. It says a lot about brothers and about fathers and sons.