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«The Queen's Sister» - film of 2005, produced by Simon Cellan Jones, known for such works like «The One And Only», «Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking». The screenwriter of the picture was the great Craig Warner, who is also known for the films «Julius Caesar», «Codebreaker»

The film «The Queen's Sister» was filmed by Touchpaper Television

The main actors were Lucy Cohu as Princess Margaret, 1968 year of birth, whose best film was Ballet Shoes, and Toby Stephens as Tony Armstrong Jones - Lord Snowdon, 1969 year of birth the famous film is Die Another Day

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eli watson:
toby!!! adorable ^^
I saw this movie and was like OMG, did she really go south for the winter in the bathroom!?!?!?!?!?!
Lord Stubbles:
where did you get this video? or where can you find it
Ooo.. I love Tony when he´s angry! "Good god, Margaret! Think of the children!" xD Lucy Cohu was brilliant in this movie, btw.
Stephen Cunningham:
Ewwwl he put you out there. I won't do you like that
no, i think they hammered each other. they were not right for each other in the least.
ToBy even.
Ernestine Anderson:
Toby Stephans is an A list actor, I believe the people in this industry are FU because he should have multiple BAFTAS, the ones who have paid physically to get them (you know who they are) real lions don't have to roar they are known without FIXED ACCOLADES, Toby need not roar we your fans know this gutter industry and know Mr. Stephens you are the top, fuck the jealous bastards.
Velina Derilova:
I like the cynism! It makes the scene truthful.
mariana nicoara:
Toby is a very good actor and a very beautiful man...
Would she have behaved like this with Peter Townsend? NO