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«I'll Be Home for Christmas» - film of 1998, created by the great director Arlene Sanford, known for such works like «Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!», «12 Men of Christmas». The script for the film was written by the famous Michael Allin, whose best works are considered by «Enter the Dragon», «Flash Gordon» together with Tom Nursall, whose best works are considered by «Without a Paddle», «A Step Toward Tomorrow»

The film «I'll Be Home for Christmas» was filmed by Walt Disney Pictures allocating $30 million to the budget, which announced the release of such films as «Mulan», «The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride» in the same year.

Leading roles in the film were: Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Jake Wilkinson, 1981 year of birth the famous film is The Lion King, and Jessica Biel as Allie, 1982 year of birth the famous film is Total Recall

Brief storyline: Estranged from his father, college student Jake is lured home to New York for Christmas with the promise of receiving a classic Porsche as a gift. When the bullying football team dumps him in the desert in a Santa suit, Jake is left without identification or money to help him make the journey. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Allie, does not know where he is, and accepts a cross-country ride from Jake's rival, Eddie.

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Spumoni Sloth:
It's worth it at the very least to hear someone get called a "Butt-hole" in a disney film
Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez:
It's like it's a wonderful life and clueless made a baby
Ethan Anania:
This is in fact, my most favorite Christmas movie of all time!
Funny is it?
I am not Dale Gribble:
Who else is here from watching the critic' review?
"That two-timing ho."
Jeffrey Fairfield:
This movie killed Jonathan Taylor Thomas' career.....