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One of the best films of August 2008 was the film "Mum & Dad", created by the great director and screenwriter Steven Sheil, known for such works like «Dead Mine»

The production of the film «Mum & Dad» was engaged by the company EM Media having spent at this $0.2 million, which also released «Bronson», «Hush» this year

The main actors were Perry Benson as Tatuś, 1961 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Accident Man, and Dido Miles as Mamusia, the success of which brought the role in Emma

Film description: Mum and Dad, and their 'adopted' children, Birdie & Elbie, work at the airport. The family live off whatever they scavenge from cargo holds, offices and hotels - including a steady stream of transient workers who populate the airport's soulless hub. When Lena, a young Polish office cleaner, is befriended by Birdie, she gets drawn into a nightmarish world of torture, murder and perversity.

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Branko Spasojevic:
was a very good movie lets be honest (not for the weak persons )
Great movie. It's very shocking.
Xenium Xneum:
wow scrolledthe comments you knew this I s reral yeah
chloe beacham:
this film was fucking creepy, just plain weird not even horror ughhh it was so fucking messed up
Ed Eranged:
Look at that fat gimp, gowon.. Fucking try abduct me you bitch. Haven't seen the movie but is that bloke amidst the two girls the 'Mom and Dad's' biological son? Why doesn't he beat that stack of chins into a gooey pulp and then crush 'Mom' for good measure?
Liam and Andrew:
Seen this movie. Not scary but there is a lot of screaming! Lol. I would recommend watching this.
Maxxcell Higdon:
And I thought Steven King had a disturbing imagination
Xenium Xneum:
heloo read the book and feel the  emptiness
Th ta:
In diesem Film ist wieder mal schön zu sehen, wieviel Freude der Tod einer grausamen Person bringen kann. Ich hätte die beiden am Ende nicht direkt abgestochen, sondern schön langsam und mit stumpfer Klinge