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One of the best films of August 1996 was the film "I Love You, I Love You Not", produced by Billy Hopkinsthis is his debut work

The main actors were Claire Danes as , 1979 year of birth, whose best film was Romeo + Juliet, and Jude Law as , 1972 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Sherlock Holmes

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The Chosen One:
Jobs mine:
watching it.. right now. How could I miss it. This whole time.
Juliana T.:
This was the worst movie literally ever
Elizabeth W:
wow she's reading a book and is quiet, she's not like other girls.
Keplar1615 Twinearth:
I can relate to Clair Danes' character .
My cat Is fat:
Lol the 90s
This trailer doesn't fit the tone of the movie at all
This movie is so stupid how can this girl relate her stupid teenage problems to a jew stuck in nazi period