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Tino Trivino:
If this Movie would be made in Europe, it would be nominated for an Oscar, for best foreign movie, but because its made in USA, it will have no chance. Especially in this Trump Era! Really awesome...
Keisha Dewsbury:
gr8 movie doh mind u aint see the full
Sorcery Shazmah:
Main character is an phenomenal poet, Daniel Beaty....
Dre Reed:
it's to many grown men haters in these comments at the same time for me
Schenelle Singh:
It may not be everybody's circumstances or reality but it happens everyday around the world regardless or color, religion or country! Seems "Hollywood " been running out of ideas for a awhile now. They're just trying to make something relatable for the youths! Stop being crabs Inna bucket!!!
Kien Solange:
I love u Omari
Stefan P:
bruh I thought that was joe budden on thumbnail wtf
Raa Valor:
Nice film