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...Bruce niby tez pije walkera.....
Elle Kirova:
isn't this the dance from Godard's "Bande a Part" ?
415 s30:
The 2nd one is the best, go find it! The Gentleman's Wager II
Jack Crilly:
Well done men Well done..
Elizabeth Davila:
wow! love u Jude!
Carl Hicks Jr.:
I don't know who the Betty Page lookalike is off to the right there, but, um, DAMN...
colin-man yeates-clan:
Again, not long enough... great story line but needs more vetting... the behind the scene footage reveals the old London and the history of the theater..  the boat yard, how it was built.. lets visit it, an old timer that knew or even worked on this lovely boat.. it truly is a work of art, I know I was raised on a sailboat for 6 years as a child and went half way around the world, she was 24 tons dry 53 feet long with four foot bow sprit and two foot stern sprit, a 63ft mast double cross stay diamond rig with running back stays.. I spent a lot of my time on the cross stays or on the bow sprit..... so bring to life the artisan of the build the history of the travels of the vessel. Our sailing vessel had been around the world at least five time before my father bought it and we took it through the Panama Canal, took us to Cocas or Treasure Island (I'm the fist known "kid" to have landed and walked the island at that time...) It is the only known vessel or boat to go aground on the coast of Panama and actually get off.. lost 8 anchors in the process.. stories man. real true stories, storms, hurricanes all these are the spirit and character of the ship. Share them and how on this calm day these two find themselves making a form of a wager with each other to hand over the ownership of such majesty because of the undeniable influence of Johnny Walker which makes one so carefree and spirited, risky and confident to pull off the impossible and to be that man which in fact does do it and is thus "entitled" to possess such a treasure because of spirit not money.
Dominik MJ:
I am usually not so much for liquor marketing - but this video is truly amazing!
Mateus grefe:
Does anyone know the name of this instrumental music from the beginning?