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Great Job, loving your channel. The consistency of your video uploads are great. Keep it up.
Drunken Hog:
As a Serbian who studies history and read the book I must comment on this ... The longest peace from the middle ages until today, people of Serbia had, was during communist rule from 1945 to 1991. There is not one generation of Serbian people who didn't go trough war and we are tired of it. We've suffered much after liberating our country from Ottoman rule and their occupation which was rigorous towards non-muslim population and later we endured mass killings during WWI and WWII and it takes it's toll. I'm not justifying war killings or our ruthlessness in war during 90's. I'm just trying to say that any country, nation and people who've been trough these things are thought by their ancestors not to give up and fight for their existance, land and religious freedom... Even today we are under constant attack in mass media, movies, books not to mention that kosovo albanians are trying to steel our history, culture and churches which they desecrated a couple of years back. I'm sorry I went of topic but I wanted explain why we were/are like the book represents us. Good review and please don't see us as "kebab removers"
Zack Roberts:
Enjoyed the change of scenery and review as always. Easily one of my favorite channels on youtube, its so difficult to find a channel that reviews books that aren't continually recycling analysis of harry potter and hunger games. Always enjoy reading books that explore war, especially the psychological aspects of it. Also, you did a hell of a joy avoiding that mosquito at the end ha. Anyways, will give this book a look and looking forward to more reviews!
Antoine Robert:
Nice view there! The book seems great!  Also, fuck wasps, I hate these goddamn things, can't eat outside without them showing up.
Absolutely love your channel, very intelligent and informative. Keep it up! I went out and ordered Borges' complete fictions after watching your video on him. Could you perhaps consider making some videos on the work of M.R. James, or Arthur Machen, or Clark Ashton Smith by any chance?
Paul Bova:
Where were you when you shot this?
Are you going to review some Hubert Selby Jr., Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, William S Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Henry Miller and Herman Hesse?
Zack Roberts:
Also just curious, how did everyone else find this channel?
Thomas Donne:
This video literally changed my life.
I know in an earlier video you mentioned that you aren't really going to discuss the works of James Joyce. However, have you had a chance to read any of the works by Flann O'Brien? The Third Policeman may be right up your alley.