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In March 2019, the screens out the new film «I Am Not Like That! I Am Not Like This!» director's and screenwriter Ruslan Paushuthis is his debut work. The script was created by the equally famous Aleksei Petrukhin, previous work «Not Say Goodbye», «Law of Corruption»

The film features actors are Philippe Reinhardt as , 1981 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in 1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde, and Anna Churina as , whose best film was Witnesses

Film description: Vera and her friends Lyuba and Nadia find the same number in the phones of their men, signed the same way - San Sanych. After a brief investigation, they learn that this is a girl’s phone with low social responsibility. The world of each flies to hell - Vera knows that Eric is going to make an offer to her, but now she doesn’t know what to say; Lyuba almost killed Ilya, literally, from her gun; Nadia, whose wedding is tomorrow, does not want to get married. After some thought, the women call this “razluchnitsa” to Lyuba to the cottage in order to ... look at her and understand what their peasants are missing.

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