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In December 2018, the screens out the new film «A Brilliant Monster», by producer and screenwriter F.C.Rabbaththis is his debut work

The movie «A Brilliant Monster» produced by F.C.Rabbath Creations company

Leading roles in the film were: Dennis Friebe as Mitch, whose best film was Bloodhound, and Joy Kigin as Abby this is the first actor movie

Film description: Where do you get those brilliant ideas? A question which plagues all creators. They say success comes with a price, but for the story of Mitch Stockridge, an author of self-help books, that price feeds a bigger monster inside of us all. Into the stressful depths of the creative mind, the lengths that one goes through for success, and the anxiety to keep on producing while on top.

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Mark A. Marple:
So much fun working on this film!
Jaelynn Holderness:
I really want to see this!
Omg !! Im just happy . I remember when a see your videos for frist time it was in 2008 or 2009 wow im soo so happy . Sorry my english . Im really happy !!! Your back!!!!!
Martin McCauslin:
Looking forward to this...
Fat Giraffe:
SO excited to see you back! Can't wait.
yay! its been too long since an FC film!