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One of the best films of March 2006 was the film "A for Andromeda", produced by John Strickland, known for such works like «G:MT Greenwich Mean Time», «Elephants Can Remember». The script was created by the equally famous John Elliot, previous work «A come Andromeda» together with Fred Hoyle, whose best works are considered by «A come Andromeda»

The film features actors are Tom Hardy as John Fleming, the success of which brought the role in Mad Max: Fury Road, and Charlie Cox as Dennis Bridger, 1982 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Theory of Everything

A for Andromeda is a remake of the 1961 BBC science fiction classic A for Andromeda. In the Yorkshire Dales, a group of scientists receive radio signals from the Andromeda Galaxy. Once decoded, these give them a computer program that can design a human clone. One physicist decides it is a Trojan horse and decides to destroy the computer.

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