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«Alice T.» is coming on the screens of the cinemas, created by the great director and screenwriter Radu Muntean, known for such works like «Tuesday, After Christmas», «Summer Holiday». The script was created by the equally famous Razvan Radulescu, whose best works are considered by «Child's Pose», «The Death of Mr. Lazarescu»

The film «Alice T.» was filmed by Les Films de l’Après-Midi allocating $1.6 million to the budget

The film features actors are Andra Guți as Alice Tarpan this is the first actor movie, and Mihaela Sirbu as Bogdana the famous film is Aferim!

Brief storyline: Alice, a buoyant and impertinent redhead teenager, is far from the charming little girl her mother adopted when she was unable to have a child of her own. Being an endless source of problems and affected by her mother’s disappointments, Alice forges lies and blurs the lines between the fiction she creates for herself and the reality of her existence. Until her mother discovers she is pregnant.

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I enjoyed the first "Alice" movie with Johnny and Mia, but somehow I found this one even more engaging. People complain about CGI but if you can't put it to good use in a pure fantasy movie about Alice and the Mad Hatter, when should you use it. All the action movies, which are supposedly closer to reality, use it constantly. The CGI in this movie is state-of-the art, but I would say that it doesn't get in the way of the characters, the story and the acting, which is excellent all around. Just a flat-out fun movie.
Andreas A:
The trailer is sooooooooooooo much better than the film! shame.
Random mimi solo Stuff abcd life lol yay:
Am i the only one who watched because Alan voiced the caterpillar? Lol ok than
Meegs B:
Please research the flat Earth!
Mortda Al Mhmdawy:
اللي يتكلم عربي لايك