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roberta davis:
Hopefully THIS will draw more attention to the slaughter of Western Wild Horses. I can't wait for this to come out. I am sure that it will open a lot of eyes. Live FREE!!!!
Tom Cortis:
Saddest thing I've ever seen trying to get this movie to southern California
This film would be a lot better as just a documentary. It has a lot of great information in it but the whole teenage girl crush story is pointless IMO. I would love to see a 2 hour documentary about the BLM, the people who adopt, and the cattle ranchers... as a documentary and not so much of a narrative.
Aaron El'Infidel:
The Equine species is invasive to the Americas. Mustangs destroy grazing land and over populate due to not having a place in the natural ecosystem, they MUST therefore be managed. They are beautiful and amazing but in the end they are the same as/ or worse than cattle from an ecological perspective. Those are facts. I don't advocate animal abuse or brutality and sadly the BLM has (due in part to pressure from uninformed folks) created a brutal and abusive existence for most of these wild horses.
Hashy_ The_Appy:
I have the movie and it's amazing
Fede Cincin:
Una cacata di film.
Michaela Baatz:
OMG !!! I wanna see this so bad ! Not cuz the horses are getting hurt it just looks like a good movie... Its sad that people are doing this... If im aloud to be free any animal can be free... Its not right for them to do this to horses...i think they were on this land before we were so give them the right to run free on the ancestors grazing grounds...let them run on the ground their ancestors ran on...dont capture them and make Wild Horses extinct ! its even in their name WILD horses not captive horses.
Denise Andre:
I hope this movie comes to southern New England.  We need to change the public perception that horses are expendable.  This movie would show the beautiful spirit of the American Mustang and the need to keep these horses free and wild.  Born free, live free!!!
Cliff Works:
this film will break your heart - even though i am not a horse trainer i know about living creatures  - we all need communication even if we don't understand each other's languages lots can be conveyed by voice and tone of voice, the mustang wrangler trainer whatever they are called men in this film don't speak to the horses which further traumatizes, scares the shit out of them. imagine being corralled confined incarcerated by an alien species then prodded into all sorts of actions by a being that didn't utter one sound.. weird...
Arielle Smith:
SO excited for this to come out!
Robin OfTheWest:
BLM doesn't serve the best interests of wildlife and, unless you're a rancher, they don't work for you. Some guy in Southern Colorado bought hundreds (like 1200) of mustangs from BLM over the years and now he can't account for any of them. In all probability, they were sold to slaughter houses in Mexico.