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«Angel Dust» - film of 1980 director's Chuck Wintnerthis is his debut work

The production of the film «Angel Dust» was engaged by the company Eastman Kodak Company

Brief storyline: A documentary exploring the effect of PCP on both the user and society, with particular focus on a Los Angeles salesperson named Jack's recreational usage of the drug.

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Quality: SD

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yeah but its so awesome for this trailer!
John Carper:
If you're wondering about the Japanese text, here's my take: 伝説の石井ムービーが還ってきた。 The movies of the legendary Ishii have returned. 天使に会ったら、天使を殺せ! If you meet an angel, kill the angel! 山手線で発生する連続殺人 A serial killer bursting forth on the Yamanote Line マインド・コントロール対異常犯罪性格分析官 Mind control versus abnormal criminal personality analyst 南 果歩 Kaho Minami 豊川悦司 Etsushi Toyokawa 危険な関係は、それを求める男と女の間に生れるー。 The hazardous connection, a man and woman born amidst the striving for it. 戦慄のサイキック・ラブストーリー! A trembling with fear psychic love story!
it was released in America on VHS and also someone has uploaded the whole film watch?v=_znk0jJpaXY (: its pretty rad. i need to see his other films, like Panic High School
Line Kernel:
yes , i just found it few minutes ago , i am totally ripping it and saving it , this kind of movies are impossible to find (especially in France) , luckily i am fluent in English , i would advise : labyrinth of dream (contemplative and beautiful ) and Electric Dragon 80000 volts (a bit crazy , i am a huge fan of Tadanobu Asano too ) Cheers
awesome! haha yup i love Electric Dragon 80,000v !
Line Kernel:
hey , i am a big fan of Sogo Ishii , i am looking for this movie to buy or to DL Do you have any idea how to proceed ? Thanks for the trailer !