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One of the best films of December 2018 was the film "Aurora" director's Yam Laranas, known for such works like «The Echo», «The Road»

The production of the film «Aurora» was engaged by the company Viva Films

The film features actors are Anne Curtis as Aurora, 1985 year of birth the famous film is Buy Bust

Brief storyline: Upcoming horror film directed by Yam Laranas and starring Anne Curtis. Official entry of 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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Hiago Ackles:
Da uma vontade de chorar aa
Aurorka Aksnes:
She can't sing. Watch this "Scarborough Fair - Celtic Woman "
Gato Gataralho:
Ana Vieira:
Eu amo esse estilo de música
Maria Luiza Cavalcanti Silva:
A música toda é linda amei
akinornorge awx:
text ?
Maria Luiza Cavalcanti Silva:
Eu viciei na música
Bob Fischer:
Emotions, heart and beautiful talent!! Keep it coming young lady!!!!!!!
Conix Unicornio:
Necesito esta canción en spotify :'v
Lara Da Silva:
Meu anjo
Jelly bean:
I’ve heard this song so many times since I was little, but Aurora gives it a completely different feeling and I don’t know what it is