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One of the most brilliant films of September 2014 was the film "Bad Country", by producer Jennifer Carriere, known for such works like «Left Behind», «The East». The script for the film was written by the famous Jonathan Hirschbein, famous for such films as «Road to Paloma», «A Prayer Before Dawn» together with Mike Barnettat the moment this is his first work

The film «Bad Country» was filmed by Mandalay Vision, which announced the release of such films as «The Voices» in the same year.

The main actors were Matt Dillon as Jesse Weiland, 1964 year of birth the famous film is Crash, and Willem Dafoe as Bud Carter, 1955 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in John Wick

Film description: When Baton Rouge police detective Bud Carter busts contract killer Jesse Weiland, he convinces Jesse to become an informant and rat out the South's most powerful crime ring.

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Tanya LaFave:
Jonathan.. Fantastic!!!!!!!!
A Alblushe:
The worst movie i ever seen in my hole life
john adams:
Looks like a spat amongst The Village People
Saw it.  The movie is better than the trailer.  Better than the total crap that has been available for the last few months.  Enough of the mustache comments though.  I have lived in South Louisiana (it really is as beautiful as you might think) for 57 years.  Hardly anyone has (or had in 1983) a mustache.  Defoe is OK, Dillon is Great.  Not sure which one Berenger was .  .  .  .  . maybe the bad guy.  If so, good job.  
I always thought his name was William Dafoe
Sit back and enjoy the mustache ride
Elias gets payback on Barnes in this movie!
that baby crocodile though 1:00
Bobby Peru's other half you know, like the country