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Bag boy looks like a decent film. This preview 8f bag boy looks better than current mainstream rubbish like manga movie atvilla or 3 billboards rubbish
Earl Kyat:
It look stupid
Charles Knowlton:
I want to say this looks so bad it looks good, but it just looks like one of those movies TRYING to look so bad it's good. There are a lot of them these days. Too many of them.
Matthew Theberge:
This movie was great...  a gem, imo.  The one comment about "ugly creepy shit" is obviously watching the wrong movies and the wrong genre...
shahzad khan:
I could say its one of the top ten worst movies of 2017.how could they made movies like ugly creepy shit.
I honestly can't get of enough of this dude dancing to the techno music. Lol... it's the funniest shit ever... it's like Elaine doing her dance but covered in blood.