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Ben Ransley:
fashion's a load of bollocks anyway
This was a good movie, but I saw where this was going and I couldn't sit through it. Unfulfilled potential has got to be the most tragic thing. Next to losing it.
Fajar Anugraha:
^must....... resist....... reading... spoilers!!
its so sad cuz she made the biggest mistake of her life
Cornelius Ofdark:
"Who the hell are you?"
Simply , Lovely
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!". Henry David Thoreau
dhanang ernawan:
love it
beautiful, it touched me deeply. makes you think about where >you< wanna go in your life and what you really wanna do.
Elīna Ogsta:
silly Maya.
I think the film gives a unique perspective on the choices one makes in life. While young people in society today are doing everything in their power to avoid "wasting away our lives" as many have put it, we often forget what we really want out of life. I respect her decision and I have every confidence that she will be happy in life.