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Bored Eats:
why would you fight air crafts on the ground??? you would not!!!
Juriel M:
This movie is garbage why they did create this shit? Story is so bad , the fighting scenes are bad and the effects
angelx 1992:
This movie was awful and I rarely say that about movies. Don't waste your time or money on it. I only managed to watch 20 minutes and I forced myself to get that far before shutting it off.
Craig Dobbin:
It is using the same CGI program as that other shit movie made by this mob, Occupation
Videomedia Television:
I saw it and despite having some good moments and better than average props for very low budget, and some minor moments of acting. It was very lacking. But I admire their commitment because this must have been a headache to do with a small budget but they did. I did sense a hint of vision but sadly no experience. I hope they learn and continue. the best way is by doing and failing.
Louis Tournay:
Why is the sound so bad
Lung Kim Wan, Mark:
imdb 2.3/10 , could be worse