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In July 2013, the screens out the new film «Battle of the Damned» director's and screenwriter Christopher Hatton, which is famous for films such as «Robotropolis»

The movie «Battle of the Damned» produced by Boku Films company allocating $8 million to the budget

The film features actors are Dolph Lundgren as Max Gatling, 1957 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Expendables, and Matt Doran as Reese, 1976 year of birth the famous film is The Matrix

Brief storyline: Following a deadly viral outbreak, private military soldier Max Gatling leads a handful of survivors and a ragtag band of robots against an army of the infected.

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Chris Hoff:
Lol wtf feels like iam in a Alt Universe. This is the kind of stuff you would see on Rick and Morty Infinite channel box. Lmao
Toby P.:
robots and zombies... What could possibly go wrong
ThreeEye DoomHog:
robots killing zombies. now thats cool
junior morales:
Imagine Gordon Ramsey and the robot now that would be lit
Monkey Majic:
Dolph Lundgren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...okay, they totally ripped off the design of the MSN-07S Z'Gok from _Mobile Suit Gundam_. They even included the mono-eye. =/
nunya baznus:
ooooooh YEAH! ..... Drago the universal soldier is back. my favorite 80s action star. worth watching just for him
Nicolayt Thomson:
Ivan Drago from Rocky IV!!
Holy shit, this is probably one of the best zombie movies I've watched! Definitely better than House Of The Dead and World War Z!(the movie sucks, but the book is awesome) I'm writing an infection book, and now I'm thinking about putting some robots in it lol