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Leonard Bernstein Biopic

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james wilinski:
I loved this version of Bernsteins Mass. Remember seeing this version when I was a teen in the 70s. I wish they release this version on Dvd. I have also been looking for this footage forever also!
Carlos Camejo:
Love Leonard Bernstein. This is just noise and not music, however.
Arleen WIderman:
A key statement: "How to maintain faith honestly, at a time when it's so hard to have any faith at all. Current!
This is the long lost Yale Production! I've been trying to get this for nearly 40 years since it aired on PBS! How did this get here? How can one get a copy of it?
El Gambardella:
My mom was in this and I have been looking for a copy of the video that aired for years too.
Anne Nelson:
I was in the Yale / Vienna production (that's me at :31). It was conducted by John Mauceri, filmed by the BBC in Vienna and broadcast in Britain and the U.S. (perhaps on the Continent as well). The cast was mostly students. One singer grew up to be the director of the National Endowment for the the Arts, another the tv star in China Beach, another a leading film scholar.
Austin Allen:
If anyone can find the older ones.This on or the met production on DVD please Post a link!! The Vatican one edited to be more conservative. i really dislike it.
Sthunderrocker's Vids:
I've been looking for this footage forever! WHY ISN'T THIS RELEASED!!! S
William Oser:
Nope, sorry to let you know it was NOT filmed. I know because I was in the original cast, street chorus. Video tape was still pretty much confined to studios, the Live from the Met series was still 6 years in the future, believe it or not. The production was so complex that no one even thought of taping it. There was not even a plan to record it until it opened and received so much world wide attention and after all it was Leonard Bernstein!
William Caron:
I saw this when it was aired....terrific production