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looks decent
Universal Soldier 5: The youth
Albert Mag:
loved it when Jean-Claude Kicked cody garbrandt inthe head
"This won't go anywhere" is the line they chose for this trailer? "This won't end well for you" would have been better.
They're finally friends. Might watch this for the fuck of it.
AL Rubaie Mustafa:
such a pooooor movie ,, im sorry to waste 55 min on it
Carlens Nereus:
Now that is a great movie. 2018 have a lot of bs movies so far maybe they ran out of ideas lol
Waiyuan Leong:
what a fcking cheap movie...watched yesterday its fck wasting my time n money...stop shooting tis kind of cheap crap movie..american
i watch this movie without any expectations...more towards nostalgia sake and i must say it is ohkayz 4 this millennium era...if comparing it against his 90s flick it is not ohkayz hahahaha
Svilen Vasilev:
Low budget ``Under Siege 3 ``