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«Black Widow» - film of 2019, created by the great director Milos Twilight, on whose account there are the films such as «Liebestraum», «The Argentine Miracle of Tennis»

The film «Black Widow» was filmed by Twilight Films

Film description: Victorya Byron has a mission in life, so secret and lugubrious, that not even her own conscience is aware of its magnitude or consequences. Driven by her Handler, a mysterious Colonel, this 'femme fatale', clothed always in black, embarks on a killing spree across the major cities of Europe, in vileness acts that shows no mercy nor boundaries, guided by an irresistible instinct for extermination. In her wake, she falls in love with a doctor. This Psychiatrist becomes her only solace in a world of blood and wretchedness, clouded by the despicableness of a fragile heart. Through this doctor, the reckless Victorya will unravel one of the mysteries of her life, that her thirst for blood is nothing but the vague vestiges of an old rancor buried deep in her past. As she becomes aware of this bitter truth, it gets clearer than ever, that her mission is to avenge that old repressed memory, embarking on the darkest chapter of her life: to take the life of the man who made her......a Black ...

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Athuman Cj7:
dis isn't a movie trailer there are pieces that natasha used to.remember in the avengers movies
Black widow is the caption marvel?
Ingai Spence:
Please #mcu...make it happen
Lourdes Alonzo:
Tengo mis dudas
This is a beautiful piece of art. I can't help but think it's real!
french toast:
This is too good to classified as a *fan made*
This would’ve been perfect for my school music project last year.
good fan made
Michael Robles:
Please no