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«Blue Valentine» - film of 2010 director's and screenwriter Derek Cianfrance, on whose account there are the films such as «The Place Beyond the Pines», «The Light Between Oceans». The screenwriter of the picture was the great Cami Delavigneat the moment this is his first work

The movie «Blue Valentine» produced by Hunting Lane Films company allocating $3.5 million to the budget

The film features actors are Ryan Gosling as Dean Pereira, 1980 year of birth, whose best film was Blade Runner 2049, and Michelle Williams as Cindy Heller-Pereira, 1980 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Greatest Showman

Brief storyline: Dean and Cindy live a quiet life in a modest neighborhood. They appear to have the world at their feet at the outset of the relationship. However, his lack of ambition and her retreat into self-absorption cause potentially irreversible cracks in their marriage.

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Brooke Cantu:
It's a sad movie but it shows how real relationships are not the typical happy ending ones
mohammed suhail:
This is a very good movie ! Got me into it ! I think the actress could have been a little more supportive for her husband, it kinda pissed me off when he’s the one doing everything and she doesn’t takes part in any of the activities . Trust me I loved deans acting it was very realistic it wasn’t like acting it was real so it was good for the movie .
C: Fox:
This is a good movie, but it is so heartbreaking.
Cristopher Almeida:
this trailer is a piece of art.
Olivia Garcia:
The last part that he sings gets me every time
Katherine Celis:
Watched this on valentines day and I cried up a storm
Khawla Belbachir:
how the fuck do I only discover this the night before a major exam !! ..karma ?is that you ? **what a bitch -_-
Cindy Sue:
Had too be a little hard doing this after losing her husband I never seen it heard it was a sad movie.