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He and JK Simmons look a lot alike.
bird droppings:
Me and my friends had a local TV show here in Pittsburgh PA. We got done shooting a intro, where we talked about Fear and Loathing (the movie and the book). We stressed to people to read the book first, and we all loved his work. That night we went to a bar, that we frequently went to, and as we were about to get drinks, we heard those words come over the TV,"Hunter S Thompson is dead". Talk about freaky shit. Well, we all ordered a shot of Wild Turkey, and toasted Hunter. Peace
Finlay Milne:
2:12 original salt bæ
No, the man never did a drug in his life. He was surpassed in his sobriety only by The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.
Courtney LeCount:
John Cusack is in the back seat, Johnny Depp is driving. And Hunter would have butchered Rebecca Black like a boss.