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One of the most brilliant films of May 1985 was the film "Code of Silence" director's Andrew Davis, on whose account there are the films such as «Holes», «A Perfect Murder»

The film «Code of Silence» was filmed by Orion Pictures. In the same year, Orion Pictures rolled out such films as «The Purple Rose of Cairo», «Secret Admirer»

The film features actors are Chuck Norris as Eddie Cusack, 1940 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Expendables 2, and Mike Genovese as Tony Luna, 1942 year of birth, whose best film was Point Break

A Chicago cop is caught in a middle of a gang war while his own comrades shun him because he wants to take an irresponsible cop down.

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ronald lee:
This is also a film before "Above The Law" by Steven Seagal. Its also the same main villain of this film.
James Anthony Green:
I love watching this movie along with Above the Law --- which reunited director Andrew Davis with 10 latter actors from this film.
Bob Mutune:
What an old school action thriller, all times great is all it is.
360p isn't HD.
Ruben Reyna:
despite the marimba band score. this is my fave Chuck Norris film. Great action thriller
Alden R. Davis:
If they ever do a remade, John Cena (The Marnie, 12 Rounds) should play the role of Det. Eddie Cusack. It would be a huge hit.
Nomad -81-:
Chucks Norris best films 1: Code of Silence 2: Firewalker 3: Invasion USA 4: Hero and the Terror 5: Hitman Don't bother arguing with me. If I want your opinion I'll beat it out of ya.
patrick james higgins:
you know whats funny about this movie they pretty much used the same actors from above the law starring steven seagall and that too also took place in chicago I mean henry silva plays the bad guy in both movies and you got that stereo typical cop guy in it as well he and the other guy aare in it too they also starred in the fugitive kinda wierd LOL
Junior Masefau:
hard! love this movie of Mr norris.