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Wesam Zayed:
can we watch it in  CA, at Edwards movies theater?? I do not much about movie theaters, can anyone tell where to watch it?
trickstar 2:
Song name ?? 
Gary Nicholls:
Just watched this on NetFlix. Excellent. Subtitles in English are useful but I'm sure I heard some different dialogue. Often the way. Oh well. The street scenes are very well done. Lots of 70s cars looking brand new and even an authentic New York scene [well, looks authentic to me - complete with WTC]. I'm always impressed with French dramas and this is another one.
This is how trailers should be like, quick and brief. Not showing most of the scenes like some American movies.
Joseph Ben-Obasa:
I love the soundtrack
trickstar 2:
La Baguette La Baguette La Baguette