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The film was cool but was it not pointed out to production that the lead character who's supposed to be staying at the hotel in "San Francisco" is actually at the Boulevard Hotel in Studio City? It would have been okay except the establishing shot of the hotel had a banner clear as day that said "Hollywood Bowl". Also, the costume designer needed to do more research. In the first scene, the red blazer the lead actor had on made him look like a valet, not a lawyer. The scene where the actor attempts to recruit a few guys into the military is another one. No military recruiter on duty, representing any branch of service is allowed to recruit prospective soldiers wearing improper uniform. The army fatigue zip-up jacket over his uniform, and white sneakers is not a Service Uniform. There were no insignias on his shirt to indicate his rank or which branch he was recruiting for. The film was shot in LA, there are more than enough costume shops around for the costumer to get the proper attire. I know you don't need any notes or suggestions from me but these are small things that have a huge impact on films, how they're received, and how far they go.
kalum kirk:
I aint gonna lie i cried watching this movie cuz it spoke the truth
Dennis Boateng:
lookin for the soundtracks in this movie any help?
Kid Young:
Dope! Can't wait to see more!
Great movie, very well written and portrayed. Not a black film just African actors playing great roles. Saw it on neflix #tearjerker
Ray Degraffenreid:
To sister w shut the fuck up u really sound stupid u just want to here u self talk
Kristina Williams:
This was a very good movie!
Is this movie worth watching cause the trailer looked boring as fuck