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One of the most brilliant films of April 1990 was the film "Cry-Baby" director's and screenwriter John Waters, on whose account there are the films such as «Serial Mom», «Hairspray»

The movie «Cry-Baby» produced by Imagine Entertainment company having spent at this $11 million, which also released «Problem Child», «Kindergarten Cop» this year

Leading roles in the film were: Johnny Depp as Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker, 1963 year of birth the famous film is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Amy Locane as Allison Vernon-Williams, 1971 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Secretary

Film description: A prim and proper schoolgirl goes against her mother's wishes when she dates a motorcycle-riding juvenile delinquent.

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Zoe Mcgovern:
I love this movie
Sounds like the story of FP and Alice , before Hal your woman with the ponytail looks a lot like betty
Marie Stratton:
Rachel Sweet did the singing for Johnny Depp
Im islam:
Im a fuckin depp fan
inspired of grease obviously