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keenan brooks:
the make up was bad....sorry but i know they could've did a better job or matter fact, just hire a real dark skinned woman.....kelly rowland would've been wey better n she can actually sing
Jill Faulmann:
The change in her voice is great. Sad how they didn't cast a purple or blue person because according to the comments below, she wasn't black enough. Jesus, it never ends. This is why we can't get along. You're not black enough even when you're black. How black must one be for the world to be satisfied? At first when I saw Zoe chosen as Nina, my first thought was no, she can't carry such a character, she's too young but watching it further makes me want to see what else she did in this movie because it's better than I thought at the beginning of the trailer. But I missed the part where she wasn't black enough. They needed to put more make-up on her I suppose. Also beat her up so that her, pump her full of drugs and alcohol so that she can truly be Nina. Jeewiz people.
Why is Zoe Saldana in blackface???? Just hire a darkskin actress?!?!!
Natalie TV:
How are you gonna let someone preform in blackface, I don’t care if she is a lighter skin black woman this is still black face , this is so wrong for so many reasons , I have so many questions why would Zoe even accept this role . Why wouldn’t they just hire a dark skinned black woman ? Do you know how many talented dark skinned black women there are that could be considered for this role and you chose to paint a light skinned woman dark ?! This makes no sense I’m absolutely outraged .
carmen alexis:
Does she really have blackface on right now? Like I literally can not believe this. Who approved this?!?
After watching Nina's documentary, this looks like a cheap very poor attempt to recreate Nina Simone as she really was and the impact she really had, not even considering watching this movie, lacking a good script and performances. Very sad being a very powerful and talented artist. So disrespectful to Nina.
bill bixby:
I can't believe how much people hate this movie.  Was Saladana that bad?
C S:
Why have I not seen this before?
Natalie TV:
Wtf is this bs!?
Perfect casting wait for it...Lauryn Hill! BOOM