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«Dead Swallows» - film of 2018, created by the great director and screenwriter Natalya Pershinathis is his debut work

The movie «Dead Swallows» produced by Gorky Film Studios company

The film features actors are Valeriy Barinov as , 1946 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Concert, and Aleksandr Bashirov as , 1955 year of birth, whose best film was 9th Company

Brief storyline: Sasha, a singer at a musical theatre, persuades his friend Kulik to take him to a remote sacred place for fishing. Soon they find out that wood spirits live here. Kulik warns Sasha to ask them of nothing and not to fool the evil spirit, but he breaks the taboo — and now the spirits demand blood payment. Kulik faces a difficult choice: to leave Sasha in the forest and escape, or pull him out and pay with his life.

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