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An ordinary guy delves deep into counterculture, conspiracy theories and the like as he tries to discern the structure of society.

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Chris Benson:
Trailer is put together similar to Waking Life and Demolition.
Oh Snapple! That's the guy from the Type O Negative "I don't wanna be me" video!
Zanele Poswa:
Been a while since I watched such a horrible movie.
Joe Jello:
Is anyone here for the chiliad mystery I find myself in another duality
Mai Zaki:
worst background music ever
Rafsan Ahmed:
peoples who don't have anything to do made this type of movies and watch them..
Juliana Foster-Aileru:
what the hell was that?!
Bubblegum Valley EXS:
the song at 2:27??
Kelly KitKat:
Well, when 'the magic' is in you...
Jop Mens:
I feel like I might be the highest rating person for this movie but it could be the peyote
If I watch this movie stoned, it would fell like it's a normal one?