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«Dunkirk» - film of 2017, created by the great director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan, which is famous for films such as «Interstellar», «The Dark Knight»

The production of the film «Dunkirk» was engaged by the company Studio Babelsberg having spent at this $100 million, which announced the release of such films as «A Cure for Wellness», «Renegades» in the same year.

The main actors were Fionn Whitehead as Tommy the famous film is The Children Act, and Tom Glynn-Carney as Peter Dawson, whose best film was Tolkien

The story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk between May 26th and June 4th 1940 during World War II.

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Siva Peddi:
I am coward
Randy Marsh:
Absolute shite! What a way to show history. It was probably 1000 times worse in real life. This film is a joke to the hero's who served and died.
Chelo Ruiz:
Movie has no narrative for 45 min.
Siva Peddi:
I deleted my reviewes
Adriana Reyes:
Who's here for Harry Styles?
Siva Peddi:
Just why don't people think about other people who sacrificed everything. Why don't they talk about them
ŚàńkËť J:
It made me remember the Call Of Duty game
ρhσєиιx єllє:
Let's be real: we're only here because of Harry.