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«Edmond Was a Donkey» is coming on the screens of the cinemas director's and screenwriter Franck Dion, which is famous for films such as «Une tête disparaît», «L'inventaire fantôme»

The film «Edmond Was a Donkey» was filmed by Arte France, which also released «Blancanieves», «Himalaya, terre des femmes» this year

Leading roles in the film were: Bérangère Bonvoisin as the famous film is What Every Frenchwoman Wants, and Benoît Brione as the famous film is Les Rois Maudits

Unfortunately we do not yet have a detailed description of the plot of Edmond Was a Donkey. Keep checking InRelax for updates!

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This film made me cry
the design of his nose is ingenious.
kind of weird yeah but in the same time so great story
I loved the concept of the film! Something about it was quite haunting