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One of the best films of August 2018 was the film "Evacuees" director's and screenwriter Jason Paul Laxamana, known for such works like «The Day After Valentine's», «Instalado»

The film «Evacuees» was filmed by T-Rex Entertainment Productions

The main actors were Devon Seron as the famous film is Can't Help Falling in Love, and Mackie Empuerto as this is the first actor movie

Brief storyline: A supertyphoon ravages the hometown of a family band composed of four boys, putting a halt to their musical pursuits. While taking refuge in a distant farmland, they meet a rich girl who offers to help them record their songs and have them played on the radio. Individual interests and trauma caused by the calamity test the unity of the band, as they struggle to make sense of life’s ironies and tragedies.

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Riio Bian:
0:57 SHEREP!
Jhong Gerardo:
We'll definitely watch this movie! Kudos!
Gia G.:
Excited to watch this! Love you Devon! More projects!!
my name:
Mackie I hope I could watch
Cool_TreeHP Minecraft:
Ang ganda nang story
girlie castro:
Must watch, Devon really good voice ❤Bakwit Boys
Irish Leynes:
Ian Vistan:
Ganito ang pelikulang sinusuportahan at hindi puro comedy or drama at kalandian.