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«Feng Fei Fei» is coming on the screens of the cinemas director's Kao Pao-Shu, known for such works like «Zhui ming qiang», «Fan mai ren kou». The script was created by the equally famous Ni Kuang, whose best works are considered by «The 36th Chamber of Shaolin», «The Five Venoms»

The movie «Feng Fei Fei» produced by Shaw Brothers company. In the same year, Shaw Brothers rolled out such films as «Gwei tai jian», «Xin du bi dao»

Leading roles in the film were: Lily Ho Li-Li as Feng Fei Fei, whose best film was 鐵扇公主, and Meng Yuen-Man as Hu Tou, the success of which brought the role in None But the Brave

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