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Duration: 43 seconds
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Ah, yes. Didn't notice the upload date on them at first. Glad someone did!
A.J. Meyer:
Only problem is that it seems they didn't upload the last two episodes with Dennis Hopper.
when i feel sad, when my woes become overwhelming, i just listen to that beautiful piece of music and say to myself that things will get better
weird thing,sometimes i feel this 42 secs is all i need in life
It's like David Lynch made an outdoor sporting show.
A.J. Meyer:
Yeah, at one stage you could find all 6 episodes on here. I guess Criterion were losing DVD sales or something.
I finally get how the meaning of life is 42. It's the 42 seconds it takes to watch this video.
Brian Wright:
you should try and see Lurie talking about the making of the show is pretty great.
Brian Moran:
Nice now to go get a gallon and go fishing with John.