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Short overview of the movie

«FredHeads: The Documentary» - film of 2018, created by the great director Kim Gunzingerthis is his debut work. The script was created by the equally famous Paige Troxellat the moment this is his first work

The film «FredHeads: The Documentary» was filmed by Northgate Films

Leading roles in the film were: Miko Hughes as Himself, 1986 year of birth the famous film is Apollo 13, and Kelly Jo Minter as Herself, 1966 year of birth, whose best film was A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child

FredHeads is about a the fans within the A Nightmare on Elm Street community. As A Nightmare on Elm Street is a global phenomenon that continues to thrive many years after its 1984 release, fans of all ages nationally and internationally are invited to share their stories. With the central theme of how being a fan can change your life, FredHeads The Documentary, will feature fans of all types. The Documentary will follow a group of friends and share their story on how this franchise has impacted their lives. Along the way it will also showcase passionate fans, life-long fans, cosplayers, glove makers, artists, filmmakers, kids, and more. It will show how this franchise has built a community and home for so many. How it has truly become a family.

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Thanks for checking it out and giving your thoughts, guys! This is definitely only a teaser of one bit of what we’ll be telling. As for what I love about Nightmare, Nancy is the reason I fell into fandom. It’s a long story, but I’m in FredHeads so you’ll have to watch and find out. ;)
I think Kevin Bacon would be great as Freddy! Well...I know Robert Englund likes that choice as well...what about you guys?