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«Glass» is coming on the screens of the cinemas, created by the great director and screenwriter M. Night Shyamalan, known for such works like «Split», «The Sixth Sense»

The production of the film «Glass» was engaged by the company Universal Pictures, which also released «How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World», «The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle» this year

The film features actors are Bruce Willis as David Dunn / The Overseer, 1955 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Air Strike, and James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb / The Horde / The Beast / Patricia / Dennis / Hedwig / Barry / Jade / Orwell / Heinrich / Norma, 1979 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in X-Men: Apocalypse

Brief storyline: Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds David Dunn pursuing Kevin Wendell Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Elijah Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.

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Jake Lichter:
there is a special place in hell for people who make these kinds of videos.....FUCK OFF!!!! >=-(
Volker H:
BS, you are not a filmmaker cutting an rearranging others work
André Silva:
The movie is looking likely to be even more boring than the trailer.
sean lee:
Whats the point in fake trailers massive fucking yawn
Yes!!!!! I can’t wait
Andy Schroepfer:
I do people have to make these fake movie trailers getting everyone excited for a movie that is not coming
Khaliq Bryson:
Can someone fill me in
Brent Baker:
Hate fan made bullshit.