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In search of fun and freedom, a trio of animal friends -- a bold monkey with a temper, a timid, bespectacled parrot and a lightning-fast cheetah -- escape from captivity. Their adventures take them around the world and, ultimately, straight into our hearts. Willem Dafoe and Chaka Khan lend their vocal talents to this perky animated musical that the family can enjoy together.

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Story In You:
Strange fact: the animals were originally trying to get to the Serengeti. But during production the US embassy in Kenya was bombed. Nik got freaked about it and changed the location -- which made the plot make a lot less sense. 
Renn Cameron:
Does anyone else think that the Nostalgia Critic or some other TGWTG reviewer should review this? Even if it's not that bad?
wish we could of gotten the rest of the song
Julian Kovacs:
Don't forget awful spelling.
Holy fuck, I remember watching this as a little kid. Getting a load of nostalgia from this.
Evie Princess123:
I thought this movie was a dream.