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One of the most brilliant films of April 2018 was the film "Gogol. Viy"

The film «Gogol. Viy» was filmed by Среда, which also released «Kilimanjara», «Gogol. Horrible Revenge» this year

The film features actors are Alexander Petrov as , 1989 year of birth, whose best film was Attraction

Brief storyline: A mysterious Dark Horseman slays young girls near the village of Dikanka, and he has already butchered 11 ladies. Nikolai Gogol, a scribe from Saint Petersburg has to take charge of the investigation, but the closer he gets to solving the case, the more fits he has, causing macabre visions. When he learns the next victim is his beloved, Liza, he doubts that he can protect her and resist the murderer. Fortunately, he meets somebody who can help him: Khoma Brut, the witch hunter, martial artist and philosopher. Together they spend three dreadful nights in an old chapel reading the funeral service for Ulyana, the witch, and calling upon the ghastly evil spirit Viy.

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Dövlət Xəlilov:
Думаю,для этого фильма возрастной ценз должен быть+16. Сегодня смотрел. Жутковатый
Евгений Панин:
смотреть бегом усем. понадусем.
anna love:
Я видела шикарно Гоголь в конце вроде бы умер я не поняла
Михаил Добровольский:
полный отстой! лучше посмотрите Вий 1967 года!
Иван Иванов:
Не очень....
Прекрасный день:
Говно говном