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In October 2018, the screens out the new film «Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts»

The movie «Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts» produced by Hallmark Entertainment company. In the same year, Hallmark Entertainment rolled out such films as «A Midnight Kiss», «Christmas at Grand Valley»

The film features actors are Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightengale, 1968 year of birth the famous film is Bruce Almighty, and Bailee Madison as Grace Russell, 1999 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Strangers: Prey at Night

Cassie's precious family heirloom- a beautiful ruby. The Heart of Middleton-goes missing from the History of Halloween in Middleton museum exhibit just in time for the anniversary festival and masquerade gala

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Duration: 77 minutes 45 seconds
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Why would anyone spoil a movie by uploading it into a tiny screen within a large screen. I'm going to watch it on a official movie site. At least there I'll be able to see the characters better.
Charlene Graveline:
Are you kidding me!?! The best part of the whole show is about to play out..and the video ends?!?! WTH!!!
Bekanne Miller:
Thank you for the video. Always enjoyed these. This particular episode of this series needed more to the plot. But that's on the production and not on the channel.
Joan Smith:
Thank you for posting. I love this series!
Denisa Nichitoi:
Where did you find it?????????
Beejay Swifter:
Thanks for cutting off the ending.
ForPat NJoe:
Thank you SO much for uploading and I have been wanting to watch that! One question, was there more after Cassie says: "It's pretty dark up here" because then this ended here?
Tiana Gama:
DON'T WATCH the end is missing!!!