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Эта готическая драма, неоднократно воплощавшаяся на экране, рассказывает историю двух поколений семейных кланов Эрншоу и Линтон, о сложном переплетении их жизней и судеб и о роковом проклятии двух возлюбленных — Хитклиффа и Кэти.

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Marry Ali:
Little Link:
rick is in this movie? 11out of 10
Raevin Boyd:
What the fuck is this shit? No, Cathy and Healthcliff never even share a kiss! And this music and commentary, this is just awful from start to finish. Tom Hardy is a great looking healthcliff though. Despite him not looking Egyptian or of another race at all!
Aarushi Rai:
Heathcliff wasn't white.
راج يحييكم
Fiennes. period.
lisbeth young:
is she boss eyed or something?
the twilight music lmfao