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Claire Van:
Very interesting
Carl Marks:
LA, the cemetery of the future! Too funny....
irish rover:
how did this guy get away with having some much drugs on him? oh wait he was a member of the elite and rules do not apply
I'm a creep:
I love it - I'm having the same reaction when a car passes by, honking - I hate it
Alex Kerr:
What’s the big deal with this guy watched a few videos of him now and I’ve came to the conclusion I haven’t a fuking clue what he’s talking about . A mumbling stuttering prick .
am i the only one to think that this is just what regular drug addict would do if they had alot of money.. i'm not really shocked about the drug consumption, The fact that real drug addicts live to the age of 25-45 years of age isnt that unusual. Hunter S. Thompson might just be one of those addicts who live a little longer. Look at Steve-O for example, his consumption was way more agressive than this guy.
Connor Pierce:
E Nat:
I love the way hunter talks.. it’s like the words can’t keep up with his thoughts
Jesse Williams:
This might be the year when we finally lay back and just say it. That we are just a nation of 220 million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns. And no qualms at all about anyone who tries to make us uncomfortable. HST 1972...