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One of the most brilliant films of February 2014 was the film "Jack Strong", created by the great director and screenwriter Władysław Pasikowski, known for such works like «Aftermath», «Demons of War»

The film «Jack Strong» was filmed by Scorpio Studio allocating $3.3 million to the budget

The film features actors are Marcin Dorociński as Ryszard Kukliński, 1973 year of birth, whose best film was Anthropoid, and Piotr Nerlewski as Bogdan Kukliński, 1989 year of birth this is the first actor movie

Brief storyline: A spy thriller telling a historically based story of a man who alone dares to challenge Soviets being in the middle of the communistic system himself. Planning the maneuvers of Warsaw Pact forces he discovers that the American plans of nuclear counterattack against Soviet forces is planned to be executed on Polish territory. Thanks to his determination he starts a long, lonely and psychologically exhausting cooperation with CIA. From that moment the life of his and his family is in danger as one careless move can lead to tragedy.

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Wait i dnt get it so the real spy is patrick wilson or that poland guy?
There's not "ONE SPY" in Poland, you fat, arrogant, commie PIECE OF SHIT!... There's 40 millions of them and EACH ONE is ready to GIVE HIS LIFE IN DEFENDING HIS FATHERLAND.
Stormie Roberts:
Mr. GMAN's Channel:
Jesus there were like 1000 studio logos in a row. But good trailer.
GOTTA KNOW WHO IS WHO HERE! 1ST OF ALL - it was no "POLISH" army. The "PRL" WAS NO "POLAND". POLAND ceased to exist in 1939 and was FREE AGAIN ONLY IN 1989, although there are still many-too-many of TRUE TRAITORS we gotta deal with. Kukliński didn't "betray" anyone! It was the COMMIES that BETRAYED POLAND AND SOLD THEMSELVES OUT TO A (RED) MOSCOW! Kill a' commie for mommy!
"A new film by Wladyslawa Pasikowskiego"? Really? Who made that trailer?! It should be "A new film by Władysław Pasikowski"!
Where can I watch it in English?