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Mthetheleli Ngongoma:
This is already better than Josstice League we saw in theaters
Skadoosh Meh:
Stone Cold: “If you like what your seeing gimme a Hell Yeah!”
Erik Lewis:
Awesome! Please rescore more scenes with Junkie Xl and Hans Zimmer music.
Hey man I really like this aspect ratio! Do you know what it is? Makes viewing on iPhone X so much better.
Wagner Music:
My man, I thought you were dead
This was... ok. The added trailer shot really doesn't fit, it feels, well... like it's added just to have it, but I belive it was removed because although cool, it wasn't necessary. I'm going t watch the whole movie anyway because I support fanedits and yours is getting a lot of buzz.
Raul cabronero:
Men for me the movie only have 1 problem.. its the fucking cgi from stepehnwolf and superman mustache. Joss didnt need to do anything to the snyder work but he fuck all the movie with reshoot. But if the cgi from steppenwolf and the face of stepp are fix this the movie works nore better. I dont know why no use like in wonder women a villian like that in wonder women ARES looks fucking amazing is like cgi but with a human face not that crap cgi from playstation 2
Red Leader:
Most badass scene in the whole movie
Where's the nod to the Easter egg