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In September 1998, the screens out the new film «L.A. Without a Map» director's and screenwriter Mika Kaurismäki, on whose account there are the films such as «The Girl King», «Zombie ja Kummitusjuna». The script for the film was written by the famous Richard Raynerat the moment this is his first work

The film «L.A. Without a Map» was filmed by Dan Films

The film features actors are David Tennant as Richard, 1971 year of birth the famous film is How to Train Your Dragon, and Julie Delpy as , 1969 year of birth the famous film is Avengers: Age of Ultron

Film description: Unfortunately we do not yet have a detailed description of the plot of L.A. Without a Map. Keep checking InRelax for updates!

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Steve Birks:
The clock and the chair sratue is to be found in little Germany - The Cemetrary is Undercliffe - One of the largest Victorian Cemetaries outside London - -Where all the Wool barons & Mill owners are buried ! ...
Steve Birks:
At 0.28 as they whizz around the corner of the street -If you look at the top right hand frame -You will see a large chimney rising skywards - this is Listers Mill renowned world wide for its velvets & silks - This mill produced all the silk for our troops Parachutes in WWll ...
Looks like a lovely film.
I love David Tennant!!! Ever since he first portrayed the now legendary 10th Doctor on Doctor Who I cannot get enough of him whether on TV or on the big screen but I just now found out about this film of his from 1998!!! Can't believe I only now discovered this one cause it looks real great but than again everything David stars in IS totally awesome stuff :) FUN NOTE: Johnny Depp has a cameo appearence as himself in this movie & shares a great scene with David Tennant's character. You heard me right people, Captain Jack Sparrow & The 10th Doctor sharing the screen together!!! TOTALLY AWESOMELY EPIC!!!
Lovely Casauay:
I swear, my heart just got broken by a trailer. :( Haven't watched the film, but I'm seriously tearing up.
Steve Birks:
Looks like it was filmed in Bradford ? The clock & the chair ?