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«Lakeview Terrace» - film of 2008, by producer Neil LaBute, which is famous for films such as «The Wicker Man», «Nurse Betty». The script was created by the equally famous David Loughery, who is also known for the films «Star Trek V: The Final Frontier», «Obsessed» together with Howard Korder, who is also known for the films «Bad Apple», «Search and Destroy»

The movie «Lakeview Terrace» produced by Screen Gems company having spent at this $20 million, which also released «Quarantine», «Untraceable» this year

The main actors were Samuel L. Jackson as Abel Turner, 1948 year of birth the famous film is Thor, and Patrick Wilson as Chris Mattson, 1973 year of birth, whose best film was The Commuter

A young interracial couple has just moved into their California dream home when they become the target of their next-door neighbor, who disapproves of their relationship. A tightly wound LAPD officer has appointed himself the watchdog of the neighborhood. His nightly foot patrols and overly watchful eyes bring comfort to some, but he becomes increasingly aggressive to the newlyweds. These persistent intrusions into their lives cause the couple to fight back.

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pretty poor movie 5/10 worth watching though
Movie was ahead of its time. Sexy couple.
This is sorta like "the blackmans" version of Unlawful Entry.
bree bilegdemberel:
oh wow based on true story, prob the ending is diff to make it more climactic. i've seen this on the crime and investigation network while ago.
john john:
i guess this is what it would be like if officer tenpenny was a real Person..
Katarina - Liliane Hüller:
blau ist schlafen.
Awesome movie