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V Cash:
Didn't she already make this movie?
Andrew Patterson:
No idea what the story is supposed to be a but it looks good
Indian women athome:
All this time during the trailer... I could not shake off Mayor Bellwhether's (Zootopia) head from the body of the elder sister...
Shara Corvera:
Another dysfunctional Jew movie. Love it.
Zion Akinjide:
Bernard-Marie Mendes France:
Seems like they're not exactly a totally Modern Orthodox family but, more or less, more liberal than suggests in the compositional makeup of the four main characters. Even so, the scripted language in dialogue (monologue) is often enough awfully careless. Like many movies nowadays one hears the "J-word" used for derogatory remarks about a relation, or sudden change, and other complementary emotive subject matter. Rather misplaced. It's harder to fathom why would anyone talk so generically like that ?? if they themselves fell into a class expressed to be higher than portrayed on film ?? Illogical after analysis of real New Yorkers and speech pathology. Absolutely.
zurima Neki:
Alba Arias:
Georgie's husband in the book is called Neal
Sasha Waszaj:
Moneyy pleassss
Alba Arias:
In the book the big sister is called Georgie and the small one Heather
Certified Destroyer:
What's that joint at 1:37? That shit is rattling my brain