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Super Man:
"I'm burning up" Funny thing actually.
Mack Sarnie:
They should have put these in the movie
iam burning up......ohhh that is cold man :D
Adam Petten:
Franco taller than Crudup.
"I'm just burning up" mate, you have no idea. Just wait.
Chaos Is Coming:
wish this part was in the movie
Michael Johnson:
Completely cut from the movie. This scene would have made the movie so much better.
The Jawgz:
LOL so they established all the characters in a Youtube short. Damn. Wish I'd known beforehand. I liked the film but all the characters were super flat besides the androids, which is ironic. With this I can at least tell them apart.
Rab carn:
this scene was not in the movie nor was that actor who left the room to cryo sleep. whats going on?
I don't remember this from the movie.